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We will introduce you with national and international experts with the aim of using technology in light of the digital intentions for gaining 21st century skills

About Us

We are facing changes that are difficult to understand for the whole world for years. These are; changes, that is beyond economic and technological changes, in demography, politics, society, philosophy and mostly view of the world. Continuously working with “information” is needed to keep change and continuity in balance. People who will shape the futures of institutions will be those processing and managing information.

We have brought together business and academic world experts in order to raise individuals who learn, use technology well, can synthesize, are innovative and have respect for ethical values as well as supporting adults throughout their professional lives.

Organizing educational activities for the raising of human resource who can make the life quality in the world better; is creative, researching, innovative, has global vision and leadership features

Raising individuals who will shape societies with science and art based education and “accompany” in their life-long learning.

To be accepted as İstanbul Academy in national and international arena by providing educational activities from a seven-hill city to seven continents with no dependence on space, time and medium.

  • Respect and encouragement for the individual’s skills and creativity
  • Increase the life-quality through technology and innovation
  • Education based on science and art
  • Freedom, accessibility, reliability, continuous development, improvement
Frequently Asked Questions about İstanbul Academy
What is İstanbul Academy?

İstanbul Academy is an organization that organizes conferences, summits and workshops with educational activities with no dependence on space, time and medium for improving leadership, e-leadership, governance, digital and informatics skills of individuals and institutions who need to gain 21st century information and technology skills; an organization that forms a bridge between business and academic world and helps students to adapt to professional life.

What subjects can I learn at İstanbul Academy?

In addition to subjects towards increasing leadership, e-leadership, governance, innovation, digital and information skills, İstanbul Academy may also offer subjects towards helping many professions gain e-qualities (marketing, e-marketing, trade, e-trade, etc.). For example, you can reach a wide range of subjects such as informatics, digital marketing, e-trading, human resources, project management, etc. New subjects and areas are also being continuously added. The strongest areas of Istanbul Academy is helping people gain information and digital skills.  

Which levels are offered at İstanbul Academy?

İstanbulAcademy educational activities are designed to address all ages and levels. While laying stress on the adaptation of students to professional life; the main focus is on medium and expertise levels.

Who can benefit from İstanbul Academy?

Individuals working in the wide range of occupation groups in the business world, students and those who would like to earn a profession can benefit from Istanbul Academy at any time any place by connecting through a tool of their choice with the aim of earning a new profession or professional development.


Our Targets,

We will introduce you with national and international experts with the aim of using technology in light of the digital intentions for gaining 21st century skills. For this, our aims are:

  • Organizing trainings towards increasing the leadership, e-leadership, governance, innovative perspective, digital and informatics skills of individuals and institutions.
  • Organizing conferences, summits and workshops towards informatics and digital world in order to help professions earn e-qualities.
  • Continue studies to use information and digital technologies in education and help institutions earn this.
  • Pursuing educational activities with no dependence on space, time and medium.
  • Conducting collaborative studies to form a bridge between the business and academic world.
  • Organizing global training in different languages on our education subjects and creating international co-operation.
  • Carrying out studies such as training, seminars, conferences, certificates on helping students to adapt to professional world.
  • Creating online learning settings (Virtual communities, social networks, online content, etc.)
  • Performing works towards improving education quality at national and international areas.
  • Taking part in voluntary works for the development of the society.
  • Supporting educational activities that will make the lives of handicapped people easier.